Artist Statement

My photographs are the result of my inquiries into the ways that we as a species grapple with the unknown and our relationship to the Universe, particularly as those inquiries delve into the realm of science and cosmology. This inquiry is wide-ranging, including how we seek to explain our role in the Universe via story or myth, how we seek out natural rhythms and cycles and interconnectedness, how we seek to impose order on what we experience, and how we seek to understand the workings of the Universe itself.

Annals of the Former World, my newest project, grapples with the interconnectedness of systems on Earth as well as our reaction as a species to the looming specter of climate change. In Annals I use an imagined museum exhibition in 2124 that looks back at what we had and what we lost, an elegy for a world that will never be the same.

In Harmony of the Spheres, I follow in the footsteps of thinkers throughout millennia seeking order in the movement of the stars and planets, embracing how the quest for order in the Universe relates to fields of study ranging from music, numerology, representation of music and the cosmos in art, and to modern cosmology. I create each photograph using as raw materials photographs of one night’s performance of the night sky, and then create pieces from a series of completed photographs.

For Terra Incognita, I use photographs of our own world as raw material to create photographs of imagined landscapes and worlds that are evocative of fairy tale and myth, the quest to explore undiscovered lands, of cosmology and its history, and of the shared celestial origin of all in the Universe.

Adventures in Celestial Mechanics centers upon the full moon and the way various cultures relate to its cycles through naming conventions.

Pyrotechnic studies natural forms found in abstracted fireworks, reminiscent of how we find familiar forms and comfort wherever we look.