Harmony of the Spheres (and a brief exhibition at PhoPa)

I'm very excited to announce my newest body of work, Harmony of the Spheres. It is one I've been thinking about and struggling with for years, and I've finally started to crack it. This is very much just the beginning, too -- here in my underground lair I'm already working on new variations of this. Using motion of celestial objects such as stars as my source, I'm inspired by myriad things such as classical views of the Universe, music, and printmaking.

You can see the first photographs from the series here, and you can read my project statement here.

This work will be exhibited in a group exhibition at PhoPa Gallery in Portland, ME, as part of the Maine Media Student Exhibition (I worked on this project as I was auditing the Projects course). I'll be at the opening in Portland Friday 5-7 pm, and the exhibition extends from June 1st - June 11th. I've seen everyone's work develop during the course and there are some truly wonderful photographs in this show, so definitely check it out if you are in the Portland area.