Environmental Fundraiser Results

Chaste Moon I

Chaste Moon I

The results are in from my environmental fundraiser, and thanks for all who participated or considered doing so! Together we raised $850 (17 prints) for the cause of the protecting the environment in these challenging times.

I've done quite a bit of research in deciding how best to distribute the money, and below I'll list each organization I chose and why. I'll of course include a link, too, if you'd like to check them out yourself or support them directly, too. All of these charities are very highly rated and 94% or more of contributions go to their efforts rather than marketing and administrative costs.

First up is Earthjustice ($250) -- which I somehow had never heard of before. They had me at their slogan - Because the Earth Needs a Good Lawyer - and they serve to support other environmental organizations by providing free legal services from their 100+ lawyers. Lawsuits are such an important tool in the environmental fight, and Earthjustice is fighting the good fight.

Two of the best general purpose environmental advocacy organizations are the Natural Resources Defense Council and the Environmental Defense Fund ($200 each). The NRDC works internationally to help combat climate change and providing clear air, clean water, and preserved lands. The EDF works in similar areas with a science focus, and both of these organizations are heavily engaged with partnerships with other organizations and local forces.

The Sierra Club Foundation ($100) provides funding for other environmental organizations, including the Sierra Club. As a public charitable organization they can efficiently raise funds for other organizations.

Last but not least, I chose The Conservation Fund ($100) for its focus on emphasizing mutually beneficial and collaborate solutions with local governments and corporate interests, such as their big project with Apple and the state of Maine (and many others) to help protect over 32,000 acres of working forests in northern Maine.

Thank you again to all who participated, and I encourage you to learn more about these organizations by following the links if you are interested.