The underpinning of my photographic work is an intense and abiding interest in science and nature. This interest manifests itself in my photography as I create work based on the concept of the passage of time, work motivated by natural rhythms and cycles and patterns, work exploring the mysteries of nature, or work simply inspired by the wonder of the natural world.

For my Pyrotechnic project, I became interested in how fireworks, as a quintessentially man-made object, mirrored many aspects of the natural world once they were abstracted to their basic forms.

The incongruity of the noisy, ephemeral, and commonplace fireworks bringing to mind beautiful and delicate forms from nature continues to inspire me in this ongoing project. Whether the fireworks ultimately recall natural forms that we see with our eyes, or other objects on a microscopic or even astronomical level, each brings to the viewer a different connection based on their own unique experiences and backgrounds.


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